Rules of Organisation and Functions


  The entrance door closes 5 minutes after the bell rings. Students who come later will be warned (and later punished) if they come in later without any justificaction.
    Students under 18 years are not allowed to leave the premises, except when accompanied by a parent or guardian. When this happens the adult in question must fill in and sign a form available in the Conserjeria (the office by the entrance gate).


Your child may call their family from the secretary's office but he/she must pay 50 cents to do so.


Tutors have two hours in the morning to attend to the families of students. The Headmaster also has a timetable for families. Every day at 1:00pm, except on Tuesdays. To meet with your child's tutor or the Headmaster, please make an appointment at the Conserjeria.
  Pilar Medina can attend to any questions a foreign student or parent may have on Mondays and Wednesdays at 2:00pm and 8:30am on Fridays. It is also necessary to have an appointment for meetings with Pilar.
  We are an ICT school, for this reason we have a program called Pasen. It is used to connect teachers and student's families. If you want, we can give you a password to be entered into a part of our website, so you can have information about your child. All the information will be updated weekly by your child's tutor.
  When your child doesn't attend a class, it is necessary to have a medical reason signed by a doctor or an important personal reason (funerals, weddings, etc) signed by a family member. If it is a personal reason your child's tutor will have the decision of  whether  or not it is important enough – for example, a normal visit to your country for a few days, etcetera, will not be considered important enough).


Students whose behaviour is not adequate must fill in a form from the teacher of the lesson and the student must be punished. Depending on their behaviour the student will either return to school in the afternoon (see above) and do homework in silence, or be suspended from school for 3 to 29 days. The family will be informed of the punishment via telephone.